Luca Draccar

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Known for his shining musical efforts in techno and electronica, Luca Draccar’s pulse of soul comes to life once again in the new ep titled Soul Grabber. This 5-track sonic journey extends well beyond the reaches of physicality as the listener is plunged into a world of unimaginable rhythms.

Soul Grabber lives up to its title with a schematic of tribal percussion, alluring bass, and synthesized lead instruments while still remaining true its earthy core. The project opens with an electrifying track titled Jadore. Immediately we find the tune’s driving beat and layered potluck recipe to be an uptempo paradise.

Luca Draccar successfully embeds Soul Grabber with a mystical continuity that expresses an acute haziness. The latter is wonderfully displayed in the track The Rest Is Noise. As a collage of EDM sounds and rhythms, Luca Draccar is still able to instill a convincing argument for musicality in the post-modern era. Soul Grabber is certainly a winner!

Photo provided by @simona.minamalmag

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