Kryoman Jounce dance music pr

Kryoman & Jounce take the art of guerrilla video production to a whole new level when they commandeer an open gym to shoot this shuffle-tastic video for their new song called ‘Get Up’. The storming of the facility was a complete shock to the patrons, making the video even more hilarious and entertaining. No one ever said, “we can’t do that cause it’s not supposed to be that way.” Jounce: “We put a lot into this and are very excited to release the track and official music video together. I think one of…

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Cheese Please, Newmi & Damian Force present “I Feel Unreal”

Damian Force Cheese Please Newmi

Good, quality EDM track “I Feel Unreal” is the result of the joint work of three different artists united for collaboration: team of producers Cheese Please, female Hip-Hop/EDM singer Newmi and already well-known producer Damian Force. The release has support from Don Diablo, EDX, Chicane and Raul Van Dyk. Cheese Please is a team of electronic music producers created by Sergey Kouptsov. Originally known as a successful Pop-music producer, he now switched to the production of EDM and acts as DJ too. Sergey has a lot of hit records to his…

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