PRiZM interview: Lasers, Fire Cannons, Co2 Blast, video walls and MASSIVE BEATS


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Prizm at Moonfest

You headlined Moonfest this past weekend. Tell us a bit more about it.

Headlining “Moonfest” was a great event for me and it’s an annual Halloween festival in west Palm Beach Florida with attendance in excess of 40 thousand. I was shooting for my upcoming release “Music United” on Millennium Recordings and it was a very intense set and night all together. With the Lasers, Fire Cannons, Co2 Blast, 40 feet of insane Video walls and Massive Bass in your face will be part of the PRiZM experience this year and I am really glad to be a part of the 21st Birthday and coming of age Moonfest event.

You have a background in breaks music and a lot of people love you for it, but your new found love is electro house. What pulled you into this new genre?

I have always had a love for soulful and funky styles of music all the way back to the early 90’s with Nile Rodgers and my tracks released on several compilation Dance Music CDs with Nile along with one of the first dual Data/CD disk that we produced that featured my tracks and PC DJ Software on the disc for computer Dj’ing the CD music. The breaks genre is what gave me my breakthrough and started my fan base but my style just progressed over the years into the Electro House genre. The glitchy bass lines and funky vibe is just what I like. Every artist progresses with their productions and I just found that the love of what I produce is Electro House. 🙂 Oh but I will drop a breaks track here and there just to have some fun. Music has to be fun.

You’ve been playing major stages and clubs for most of your life. Which moment goes into the books as the most ridiculous experience? good or bad.

It would have to be the first Ultra on the beach in Miami. The wind was kicking up off the ocean and the sand blast in the synth gear was insane not to mention the pre-party the night before and all the foam machines sticking foam to all my gear. The Pre-Party the night before just made all the sand stick to the gear like glue. The experience was definitely a good one even with all the crazy stuff going but one I will never forget, or maybe the roof literally falling in at First Sunrise Festival at 600N in Daytona Florida its running a close second.. Lol.

Which artist you played together with left a big impression on you?

There are so many great artist i have shared stages with but if i had to pick just one I think I would have to say Bad Boy Bill. He is Just a Dj and Artist that has put energy in crowds so consistently for so many years and the vibe of the events I have played with him were just something i wont forget.

Did you ever consider moving to another country?

I have been to several countries and played some cool places but I think South Florida might be the place I will always come home too and call home. If it was anywhere else it would have to be Spain. Ibiza is just the Epicenter of EDM. Why not be in the middle of what you love.

What defines success for you?

Success for me is just having people in my life that love my productions. Its great knowing I have inspired others to become DJs or producers and have had an impact on someones life through my music.

Where can people find you online?

I guess I can be found pretty much everywhere online, Beatport, iTunes, etc. and pretty much every other place you can think of where you can get awesome online music. Here are some direct links for you to check out or just google producer PRiZM and you’ll find me.. 🙂

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