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Once upon a time we lived on a planet that gifted us all we needed in overabundance, so much so that we shared many of these gifts amongst ourselves. If we liked what others were doing we’d reward them with an encouraging hug, and tell them so. But the introduction of a debt-based monetary system has increasingly made us turn what was once deemed human nature into product, and human relations into services.


Not so long ago, this development led to a miraculous occurrence. A new technology turned the act of Liking into a commodity, hence into a symbolic totem and a new belief, at a time when faith in religion and our monetary system is crumbling.

At first these ‘Likes’ seemed innocent, a gift bestowed upon us unconditionally and in overabundance. Sometimes the Likes would pile up like presents under a Christmas tree, but soon we started craving for more and eventually the ‘Like’ became the Opium of the Masses. And now society has forgotten the real act of Liking.

Will we still be able to Like if one day Facebook vanishes into the digital ether? What if the Spring of Eternal Likes will dry up one day? Will we go bankrupt because of our investments in accumulating Likes? Will society ever look beyond the algorithms, which form the Soul of Likes, and rediscover the act of Liking deep inside our own selves? Or will we start panicking and become clueless when we can’t express our Likes anymore with one click of a button.

And even though the act of liking lost most of its real and personal value, devaluating into a meaningless gesture of clicking and sharing from an infinite, hence worthless, pool of Likes, still these likes are treated as precious materials, and even turned into money.¬

And instead of taking action to make change happen, our activism has been reduced and confined to the square inches of our computer screen: Activism has become Clicktivism. We express our Dislike of what’s happening in the real world with a Like.

Burning Man dance music news

We as a society need to focus on real actions and intentions, rather than the symbolic reward bestowed on things by a mouse click. We must never forget that the real reward of Liking lies amongst ourselves and inside our communities.

In our perception Like has become the new Gold, however it has lost its real value and meaning. Like became just another commodity, waiting to be cashed.

But it does not have to be like that: Like is an inherent part of our Human Nature, Like is Free!

Like 4 Real!