Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: ROGER SHAH


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On stage he is impossible to miss. Wireless keyboard in one hand, an ever-ready clutch of his own productions in the other, his live, crowd-interacting performances have brought an entirely new experience to clubs, arenas and festivals worldwide. In 2011 this unequalled approach was reflected in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 chart, when he re-entered the poll for the fourth consecutive year, landing at #51. As a music producer he’s scaled the heights of national charts and with 7 artist albums & compilations released in the last 3 years alone. He is very possibly the most prolific electronic dance musician working today. He is ROGER SHAH


You are known for your hybrid DJ/live performances. Could you describe the set-up and the way you work?

for the big shows I have a double setup with 2 laptops and 2 wireless keyboards. I connect both keyboards with the Pioneer 900 mixer via my Native Instruments audio interfaces. I use Ableton Live to play my tracks out of the laptop and the same time I program some special synth sounds to play along top line melodies live. So my performance is a kind of mixture of djing and live act.

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You started a partnership with Armada Music some years ago. What are the most notable successes this cooperation brought so far?

I signed to armada in 2005 and I have to thank them a lot since they took my profile to another level and especially when Armin started to play and push my songs I started to earn a worldwide recognition. so during that past 8 years we released 2 Roger Shah artist albums and 3 Sunlounger albums and we had a couple of big hit records such as Going Wrong, Lost, Who Will Find Me, White Sand and many other tracks which became classics for the people. My contract just expired and I’m going some new ways from now on and I’m excited about my new journey in this industry but I’m also very thankful for this past 8 years of working with Armada and that we left in good terms and I’m sure I will still do the one or other collab with some of my Armada artist buddies.

Which remix are you most proud of?

I got the chance to put my personal touch on so many amazing tunes, great voices and even all time classics, so it’s very hard to pick one out, I worked for and with artists such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Sarah McLachlan, Moya Brennan, Kosheen, Bryan Adams, Ferry Corsten, just to name a few and this is what I am proud of in general.

The best thing about your brother Pedro Del Mar?

That he is my brother 🙂

Seriously he is the strong man behind Roger Shah, Sunlounger or Magic Island, doing all my management, negotiating deals, contracts etc…he is maybe the most underrated dj in this scene, because he is focusing on doing all my management and has not really time for his own productions or doing more shows. I’m proud and glad to have somebody like him on my side.

DJ InterviewsWhich vocalist would you really like to work with for a next production?

This wish just became true, just finished my first collaboration with Jes, always wanted to work with her and finally we got her for our global experience project which I do with my buddy Brian Laruso and it will be released within the next weeks so keep an eye and ear on this. the song is called Higher Than The Sun and I think it has everything for a big summer anthem.

What is your favorite country to perform at?

Mexico is always amazing, it’s also the place where I did my first solo concert ever.