Growing up in a house filled with music, it was destined that CHĀNJE would become a  music artist. Experimenting in multiple genres, he refuses to be constrained to one style,  taking his inspiration from all aspects of life, like his latest single ‘Passenger’. A song  about heartbreak, ‘Passenger’ explores CHĀNJE’s personal past relationship that forced  him to confront his emotions of pain and confusion. 

Never one to shy away from the limelight, CHĀNJE, a Sydney-based artist, shines on  stage. Known for being one of the most formidable MC’s in Sydney, the world of music is  a place where he feels most at home. With a passion for authentic lyrics and genuine  stories that connect with his fans, his focus is on positivity and the life lessons that can be  learnt from painful circumstances. Despite the reflective lyrics, the music itself is feel good  in a way that makes you want to dance, embracing the love that CHĀNJE radiates. A year  spent on a spiritual journey, ’Passenger’ is the result of a collaboration with producer  Freaktaste, when CHĀNJE had the opportunity to dive deep into his emotions. The  melody immediately came to life, with Freaktaste adding his Afrobeat vibes, while  Partyateleven elevated the record with his feature.  

A vibrant song that brings out the best in CHĀNJE’s listeners, ‘Passenger’ is out now.