Booka Shade – Honeyslave EP & Dim Mak Signing


Booka Shade Hammarica PR


“One of the first records that really got me into house and dance music was Body Language. It was at the time when electro started peaking its head out into the world and I became immersed in that culture. 7 years later, I am proud to say that Dim Mak is releasing this incredible EP by the legends Booka Shade. Their sound has been consistent and always getting more and more fresh. This EP is a testament to that.”


Booka Shade, cofounders of Berlin’s Get Physical, teamed up with Dim Mak Records as our newest signees and to deliver “Honeyslave” EP, out Aug 21. The pair have developed their “psychic musical connection” to create a release sticky with gorgeous tonal melodies and deep house with a hint of darkness. Available on all digital retailers.


Even by Booka Shade’s unusually frenetic standards, the past two years have been intense. Since the release of their fourth album, ‘More!’, the Berlin-based duo, Arno Kammermeier and Walter Mer- ziger, have been touring almost non-stop. Notably, Booka Shade are highly sought after remixers, lending their production magic to respected artists such as: Depeche Mode, Moby, Yello, Hot Chip, Roxy Music, Kings Of Leon, Tiga, Dave Gahan and The Knife. Booka Shade had developed a uniquely melodic and emotion- ally rich brand of contemporary techno. This was club music, but club music built to last.