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SEAPORA‘S ‘SEAPOP’ is an album filled with moving lyrics and addicting electronic beats that will leave the listener longing for more. The response is great so a great time to sit down with her for some interview questions..

Where does your artist name come from?

Tzipporah means singing bird in Hebrew, and my grandmother was always singing to me. She inspired me to sing and I took that name, singing bird, and I made Seapora out of it. Seapora combines sea and pora. I am a Pisces and the sea inspires me to write music and pora comes from the word porous, which represents my open and reflective nature. Seapora also relates to how I would like my fans to receive my music, as I hope it “seaps” deep into their “pores.”

What gives you the inspiration to make music?

LIFE inspires me to write music! I wake up with melodies in my head and can’t wait sing at the top of my lungs and work on what the melody could develop into. I think music in a way writes itself. It begs to come forth through those that are open to receive it. In some moments it feels like I’m writing a song, but in other moments it feels as if I am merely an active passenger.

Tell us more about your latest release.

I have been working on my latest release Seapop for the past three years. Seapop is part of a trilogy of three albums called the multi-dimensional being project and is the first album in the series. The multidimensional being project is about multiple genres, eclectic styles and lyrical subject matters fusing into three different albums. The fundamental goal of this project is to take my fans on an enjoyable musical journey and connect all of us through a myriad of sounds and lyrical concepts. Seapop’s moving lyrics, upbeat dance beats, and innovative instrumentation makes the album timeless and groundbreaking.

Producing dance music stands synonymous to spending countless hours behind the computer screen sculpting your beats. What do you do in your free time to stay fit?

I love dancing! I attend belly dance, hip hop, cardio or contemporary dance classes every week to get my cardio workout in and to boost my mental game. I also try and box one to two days a week to exacerbate my system and push it to its physical limits. Whenever I can I will bike to the gym to do a weight and cardio workout twice a week. Yoga, hiking, and meditation are also a part of my weekly practice. Working out is key to keeping a balanced body mind and spirit.

What defines success for you?

Success can be defined in so many ways, but for me success is having my music widely received and enjoyed. Releasing an album that defines a historical moment in music history and leaves and impact on generations to come is hard to do these days, but I would love to be part of that revolution. For me music is a release, I want my music to provide that release for others across the globe.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

When I was young, I remember going to the beach with my dad and combing the sand for shells and building sandcastles. I was completely immersed in the moment. When I looked over to my dad he would always be in his beach chair looking out at the waves, just chillin’. He told me that life’s greatest gift is the present. Often our minds want to reminisce in the past or escape to “what if’s” in the future, but right now in this moment we have everything.

What jobs have you done before becoming a singer?

I have had many careers including interior/architectural designer, freelance floral artist and designer, interior lighting designer, certified tax professional for musicians and artists, operations and event manager for two tech startup, cocktail waitress, an experiential marketing manager, gymnastics instructor for kids, office manager, life coach and belly dancer.

If you could describe your music in three words, what would you call it?

Groundbreaking, heart-pounding, moving

1460 Seapora EDM PR PromotionSEAPORA – SEAPOP



1. Sojourn
2. War and Fame
3. Remember me
4. All you Need
5. Stop the Show
6. Elation
7. Cross the Line
8. Catch me
9. Rocketship

Notable Performances

Seapora has performed at local San Francisco venues: Hotel Utah, Red Devil Lounge, Risqué, Salle Pianos, and Public Works. Festivals include: Lucidity, Pre- Compression and Neon Oasis.

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