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BB3 DYNAMICS MAKES YOU DANCE AND THINK Last October, BB3 DYNAMICS (Bates Belk III) surprised the dance music world with the Life Trichotomy EP. It contained three songs conveying life lessons from the beginning of life, the middle of life and the end of life. Now he’s back with the Life Trichotomy Reincarnated – The Remixes EP which contains songs from the Life Trichotomy EP that have been remixed by other artists. Like many major philosophers such as Plato, Plotinus, Aquinas, Kant, Socrates, Hegel and Freud who have put forth…

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Anonymous Electronica

[Tweet “He is a Toronto-based masked musician who goes by “Anonymous Electronica.””] It’s probably not the first deadmau5 want-to-be to take to the internet wearing a guy faux mask, but its not often you find one with hundreds of thousands of followers, catalogues of art and great music to dive into. With his fresh release Blackout EP hot off the shelf, it’s nothing short of epic proportions. This 3 Track EP is a story driven collection of Intelligent dance music (IDM), that dives into the subgenera and expands out to…

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Dance Music News

A very talented EDM performer from Seattle with beats as big as.. well, your mom; and a skill at beatmaking that is prevalent. This guy has been rocking places all over.. So Please give a warm welcome to VOX MOD! Tell us something about your background and how your career started. My background is based in visual arts but later on I adopted percussion and drums. The entire time of my youth I was really drawn to electronic music though, so around 2000 I decided to look into drum machines,…

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