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Post by Hammarica. Hurray for Excess We’re living an era dominated by EDM clone-artists, but that doesn’t stop Toronto duo Hurray for Excess from drop-kicking normality in the balls. Their single, entitled Shout Sister – which is much easier to listen to than it is to classify – is available now at all reputable online music stores. Upon being founded, Montreal-based label Alpha Milk Recordings embarked on a brave yet simple quest: to deliver quality electronic music that doesn’t always fit squarely into established genres. Hurray For Excess is a…

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Volume 2 of Hibernate’s ‘The Lost Tunes’ is available NOW.


Includes ‘Hot Revolver’, a smokin’ hot, spaghetti-western-esque progressive masterpiece, and ‘Somebody Somewhere is Cool’ a song named after the mysterious drunk girl who’s clumsy antics fried Hibernate’s studio computer. While the first volume of The Lost Tunes was embedded inside a tekkier, more electro-inspired form of expression, the final four tracks of the duology shine with the melodic brilliance and musical creativity Hibernate has become known for. Djs and EDM enthusiasts will find some seriously intense grooves in this archeological discovery, namely on ‘Hot Revolver’ with its vintage pitch-bending sound…

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Angry Muffin, who as his former personality released music with some of the top electronic labels on the planet, says shielding himself from the public and media will force audiences to listen rather than look. The anonymous artist plans on captivating his followers through music without a public image, hearkening back to a time when glitz and a pretty face were not as important as the music itself. For people who are curious about the music a muffin would produce, could you describe your sound to us? My sound touches…

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