Airborne Artists Agency ADE Sample

AIRBORNE ARTISTS AGENCY IMPRESSES WITH ROCKING ADE SAMPLER It’s October again, and that means one thing in the electronic dance music industry: The Amsterdam Dance Event. The conference where DJ’s, promoters, agents, and labels from across the globe come together in Amsterdam during six days of meetings, music and fun. The Airborne ADE sampler features exclusive, brand new Airborne jams in a variety of genres. Also Airborne added some of their most memorable tracks from the past 6 months, making it perfect to blow away any attendee at the ADE. CHECK…

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Pig And Dan DJ Interview Hammarica PR Electronic Dance Music News

Constantly touring and making widely popular techno tracks, it was high time to invite Cocoon Recordings artists Pig & Dan for’s series of daily DJ interviews! You have a lot of success in the Beatport charts. Other than making good music, what do you think is the secret behind that? There’s no secret, we have have no idea if a track is going to do well. In fact often it’s the ones that we believe wont that do best. We just experiment and try to do our best, the…

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Documentary About Dutch Influence On EDM Scene Debuts At ADE

Duncan Stutterheim Hammarica PR Electronic Dance Music News

In “Dutch Influence” Dutch DJ’s tell how they experience success and what this success entails. They share the beautiful moments and experiences but also devote on the downsides of this (fast) success. ‘Dutch Influence’ follows a number of these young Dutch stars to magical cities including Las Vegas, Ibiza, London, Amsterdam and also one of the biggest dance events in the world: the “Miami Music Week”. It’s also important to see how the celebrity and fame of “our” artists is spreading like a virus on the other side of the…

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