Master Yetí’s Latest Single “LuLu lemon” is Bound To Sweep You Off Your Feet With its Idyllic Tonal Beauty and Sensuous Lyricism.

Master Yeti

  LISTEN HERE Promoted Post In a year marked by unique creative accomplishments and auditory sonic journeys that have defined the true depths and aspects of revolutionary music through spectacular new singles released over the years, artist and producer Master Yetí returns with one of his most compellingly sensual & thought-provoking cuts to date. Originally from Chicago’s south side, Master Yetí’s versatile and original unique sound has earned him an insatiable increasing fan base, and the artist has proven to be a standout of his class over the years with…

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Berlin Based Luca Draccar Continues His Streak With ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’

Luca Draccar

LISTEN HERE Promoted Post Dark Techno rhythms kick-start on ‘Margot’, the track is driven by a pulsating bass, thunderous kicks, incessant hi hats, and ominous pads that reverberate to and from the background ambience. Hints of humanism blend with the cold sterile electronics to create a musically cinematic cyborg. Luca Draccar’s DJ roots are felt on each track, he drives the flow and feel of the project effortlessly to ‘Mouse In Trap’. Hypnotic indecipherable vocals echo in and out in an erotic tone. The carnal nature is coupled with a…

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