Area 303 Dayrave

[wp_ad_camp_2] FROM NIGHT TO DAY.. For a little over a year, Area 303 has been organizing various underground styled events in the Seattle Area. Showcasing a variety of sounds within the techno spectrum, a lot of DJs were able to grace the Area 303 stage with their talents. Themes of events were varied, from the tech house sounds of ALGORIDM, to the story of THE MISSION where attendees all showed up in camo wear; and the latest event KLASS-6, a night dedicated to house and techno classics. Now it’s time…

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Got Wutam? If you don’t – then check this out!

WUTAM EDM DJ Promotion

[wp_ad_camp_2] [wp_ad_camp_1] WUTAM’S TWIST ON MELODIC BASSMUSIC! Melodic Dubstep that sounds like it came from the Gods, that’s the newest release out on Prism Recordings ‘BOLT OF ZEUS’ by WUTAM. WUTAM: “I wanted to capture the essence of Melodic BassMusic (Dubstep). While creating it I thought about the past gigs I’ve played and attended, both in big arenas and in small venues. The spirit of Melodic Dubstep and BassMusic is alive, so I thought I’d make a track that everyone can enjoy and show that spirit to the DJs and…

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